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Leave me alone AppThe “Leave Me Alone” app is a minimalist tool designed to help users reclaim their digital boundaries. With a sleek interface, it allows individuals to customize their notification settings with precision. Users can selectively mute or filter out notifications from specific apps, contacts, or even keywords, granting them uninterrupted focus and tranquility. Its intuitive controls ensure effortless management of alerts, allowing users to tailor their digital experience to match their needs and preferences. Whether seeking respite from incessant pings or aiming for uninterrupted productivity, the “Leave Me Alone” app empowers users to curate a peaceful digital environment, fostering concentration and well-being.Link to Website is a cutting-edge digital platform revolutionizing the way we engage with music for cognitive enhancement. Using advanced neuroscience principles, it offers tailor-made audio experiences scientifically proven to boost focus, relaxation, or sleep. With a vast library of tracks designed for specific mental states, users can effortlessly access sessions optimized to their needs. Through a combination of rhythmic patterns, melodies, and frequencies, synchronizes with brainwaves, enhancing cognitive function and productivity. Whether seeking heightened concentration during work, relaxation after a long day, or improved sleep quality, provides a personalized auditory journey to optimize mental performance and well-being.Link to Website